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Type Feature – Neutrif Pro

Neutrif Pro™ by Deni Anggara is a very versatile looking modern Grotesque sans-serif typeface.

Neutrif Pro™

Neutrif Pro™ is a modern style sans serif, designed for flexibility, proportions and better balance with carefully crafted diacritics and extensive kerning for a Grotesque typeface. Inspired from Geometric sans-serif typefaces and modernism style Neutrif Pro™ was a Grot constructed around regularized widths and a lack of stroke modulation with little optical “correction”. In the transition from a few weights into full family Neutrif Pro™ has Ten styles, We wanted to adapt Neutrif Pro™ into a versatile typeface, while maintaining as much of the original character as possible.   – Deni Anggara


Neutrif Pro Neutrif Pro Styles Neutrif Pro ligatures Neutrif Pro points Neutrif Pro samples Neutrif Pro samples Neutrif Pro sample 3 Neutrif Pro sample 4

Graphic Designer and founder of 302 Design.

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