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Packaging – San Mai Knife

Zach Pater’s packaging design for the San Mai’s line of cooking knives.

San Mai Knife

San Mai Knife displays many intricate layers throughout the packaging to show the elegance and craft that goes into each blade. Japanese cutlery has been integrated within the culture since over 1,000 years ago. This premium line of Japanese cooking knives are used to prepare the most select delicacies of the Japanese culture. The packaging is to reflect and showcase the historic process of forging these specific blades. – Zach Pater

San Mai Knife Box San Mai Knife Labes San Mai Knife Labels2 San Mai Knife Back San Mai Knife Packaging2 San Mai Knife Info San Mai Knife Product San Mai Knife Knives San Mai Knife Knives2 San Mai Knife Knives3 San Mai Knife Knives 4 San Mai Knife Product2 San Mai Knife display

Graphic Designer and founder of 302 Design.

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