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Industrial Design – Germinador

The Germinador project by Andro Yurac, Trinidad Gana and Anna Luz Pueyo, provides an aesthetic and functional upgrade to seed germination capsules. Their design choices for both the structure and the material solves a lot of problems. Due to its elevated design, it avoids the risk of the plant taking root into the ground accidentally. The cholguan boards, while thick, are biodegradable materials. Allowing for zero waste material in the planting process.


Set of two buildable volumes from assemblies. Its function is to serve as seed germination capsule before they are transplanted to their final place. Once the outbreaks appear, the object can be buried directly in the ground, as the material decomposes in the natural environment without causing damage. The project seeks to redignify the cholguan and, at the same time, to return it to the earth, taking advantage of that it is a 100% biodegradable material.

Graphic Designer and founder of 302 Design.

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Graphic Designer and founder of 302 Design.

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Graphic Designer and founder of 302 Design.