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If your out of ideas for your portfolio or just feel like you’re in a rut creatively, a design brief from one these generators could probably get you out of that funk.

Brief Generator


Design Brief generator section the choices to 3 categories: Product, Web and Icon Set Design. The typical set-up of the brief starts with using real world companies (i.e. Ferrari, LinkedIn, Wikipedia, etc.), followed by a target audience and the key selling point(s) of the product. In the case for Icon Set design, the brief lists particular icons that should be in the set.

And if you don’t find any these choices particularly fun, then you might want to try the 4th choice. The “Insane Brief,” which is basically a mixture of the prior categories. And because it’s unfiltered, some of the specifics might not make sense or comes short of being impossible to achieve.



Briefbox has an extensive library of interesting design briefs. Divided into 7 categories, each brief contains a detailed project overview and some image references for the project. Members of the website, both basic and pro accounts, are able to discuss and upload their design, as well.

As non-members of the website, your basically a ‘basic level’ member without the privilege of uploading and commenting on both the brief or other people’s work.



Briefz provides short and sweet briefs. Ranging from logo to UI design, brief redundancy shouldn’t be an issue.


Design For Demand

There are only 9 briefs generated from this site. All require extensive research, strategies and design execution. Each brief is delivered as a PDF format with a short description of the project. Followed by helpful strategic concepts, resources and ideation materials.



This is how the creative digital agency called Organic hires their interns. The briefs are short and often times seem nonsensical but these mish-mash of words have the same structure. Help the [client] achieve an [objective] using a [technology] at a certain [location].

Based on the instructions and this article, you are allowed to use virtually any medium that is available to you, to be able to create a concept that tackles the problem.


What the Fuck is My Brief?

What The Fuck Is My Brief is a generator of parody brief, the briefs, while ridiculously weird and funny, are somewhat approachable. Plus, they have funny quips to go along with the brief.


Young Glory

Young Glory holds an annual design competition spanning 8 moths from September to April. Each month, they release a brief which will then be judge by the person that provided the brief.

The project overview for each project will vary depending on how much detail the judge provides. But for the most part, they are all really interesting to take on. And as a non-competitor, you can use the same assets and resources that the judge has provided for the competition.

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