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Natasha Jen’s branding for a tea distribution company, Teabox, located in Siliguri,India.

Teabox is a tea-commerce company that is seeking to revolutionize the experience of one of the oldest drinks in history by bringing it directly to the consumer. Natasha Jen and team designed a bold new identity, packaging and website for the online retailer that will help establish it as a global brand.



Teabox Stationery Teabox logo Teabox Typeface Teabox Typeface2 Teabox icons Teabox icons2Teabox Stationery Teabox Stationery 3Teabox Types Teabox Packaging Teabox Packaging 2 Teabox Packaging 3 Teabox Packaging 5 Teabox Packaging 6Teabox website


Graphic Designer and founder of 302 Design.

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Graphic Designer and founder of 302 Design.

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Graphic Designer and founder of 302 Design.