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Branding – Taste of Mexico

Branding identity, by Sixto-Juan Zavala, for Mexic-Arte Museum’s Taste of Mexico festival to celebrate and highlight Mexican cuisine’s cultural influence.

The Taste of Mexico festival used to be a large fund-raising event for Mexic-Arte Museum but had been halted and replaced by the Museum’s Gala in 2009. In 2015 the event was resurrected and I had the opportunity to rebrand it. There was an existing tradition where each year a new custom plate commemorating that year’s Taste of Mexico was made in Hidalgo and gifted to all participants and sponsors. They have been collected and proudly displayed as a badge of honor in several restaurants throughout Austin. These plates and the art form of Mexican pottery and hand-painted talavera was a major inspirational influence on the rebrand of the event. – Sixto-Juan Zavala


 Taste of Mexico

Taste of Mexico BW

Taste of Mexico PatternTaste of Mexico Colour PaletteTaste of Mexico PlateTaste of Mexico documentsTaste of Mexico ArtTaste of Mexico poster

Taste of Mexico inviteTaste of Mexico menu
Taste of Mexico gif Taste of Mexico floor plan

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