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Branding – Fiji Airways

Fiji Airways rebranding, with the help of FutureBrand as the the lead design partner and Masi  artist Makereta Matimosi, explores and cherish the Fijian culture and its people.


When tasked to search for a new visual language for ‘Fiji Airways’, Air Pacific CEO Dave Pflieger sent the FutureBrand team out to Fiji’s beautiful Mamanuca outer islands to see Fiji and its people at their best. It was there that we saw first-hand the prevalence, beauty, and respect that Fiji has for tradition and its traditional Masi art – an ancient art that embodies the spirit and stories of Fijian culture. – FutureBrand


Fiji Airways Intro Fiji Airways Plane Fiji Airways Plane details Fiji Airways Cabin Fiji Airways pins Fiji Airways OOT

Graphic Designer and founder of 302 Design.

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